SoyLites - Rainbow Rocks Soy Crayons

SoyLites - Rainbow Rocks Soy Crayons

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Rainbow Rocks Happy Crayons are unique vegetable crayons of the highest quality. Made with 100% vegetable wax, they are beautifully coloured with food grade pigments and scented with pure lavender essential oil for calming benefits. The scent of lavender literally fills the page you draw on.

Rainbow Rocks are softer than conventional crayons and glide smoothly and more easily over the page, resulting in a pastel texture. Try using your finger to smudge the vibrant colours into each other. Rainbow rocks are durable and will not break if dropped, are completely biodegradable, non toxic and safe for kids of all ages.

Rainbow Rocks are also safe and effective as bath crayons. As long as the water is not too hot, the crayons can be used to draw on the bath and are easily cleaned. Bathing has never been so much fun!

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