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Lulu & Marula - Balancing Balm

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A gentle, oil-based facial cleanser that effectively removes make-up (yes, even that darn waterproof mascara) and general day’s build-up to leave skin properly clean, soft and glowing.

Unlike traditional cleansers that are unnecessarily harsh and foamy, this guy comes as a solid balm that melts onto your skin, and is removed with a warm, damp face cloth. You won’t get that skin-tight feeling like you’ve just sticky-taped your face into weird positions, but rather like you’ve woken up from a glorious nap on a bed of puppies.

Infused with sweet orange, bergamot and neroli, this cleansing balm is designed to bring chaos to calm, and instill balance. It warms your spirit and detoxes your skin creating the ultimate ritual to start and end your day.

** Safe during Pregnancy **

*** Please Note some products may be safe for pregnancy but please consult your Doctor before using any Aromatherapy cures or products on your skin or internally ***


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