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Carmién - Flavoured Rooibos Range

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  • Carmién Creamy Vanilla is an all-time favourite for eveyone young to old. The delicate vanilla flavour adds extra richness to the natural rooibos taste. TIP: Vanilla is known to add sweetness and enhance other flavours. Enjoy Carmién Creamy Vanilla with any food, from savoury to sweet, or simply sit back and treat yourself with a cup on its own.
  • Carmien Earl Grey Citrus is rooibos delicately flavoured with bergamot, a fragrant citrus fruit. The original Earl Grey blend or ‘Earl Grey’s Mixture’, is assumed to be named after the 2nd Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1930s. TIP: Carmién Earl grey Citrus pairs perfectly with most dishes, from samoosas to dark chocolate. It is also very rerfreshing served ice cold with lemon and mint leaves.
  • Carmién Blissfull Blackcurrant is a revitalising blend of rooibos and blackcurrant. The delicate sweetness of blackcurrant adds to the natural sweet taste of Carmién rooibos. The aftertaste is fresh and sharply cleansing. TIP: For an aromatic and refreshing drink, enjoy Carmién Blissfull Blackcurrant hot or ice cold. The intense flavour is great in summertime gelatos or cocktails.
  • Carmién Cherry Orange is our special rooibos blend, flavoured with the crisp notes of cherry and orange to bring you the freshness of pure rooibos and buchu from the mountains of our farms. TIP: A full-flavoured tea that is a perfect match for a cheese, carrot or chocolate cake served with as a desert after meals or served ice cold with some mint on hot summer days.
  • Carmien Orange Choc brings together the citrus notes of blood orange and the warmth of chocolate for a tantalising tea. Combined with pure rooibos from our farm you can relax and enjoy a healthy and invigorating cup every time.Tip: Serve with slices of citrus fruit or dark chocolate for an extra special treat.

  • Carmien Summerfresh is a perfect blend of green rooibos, watermelon and strawberry aromas with a hint of fresh spearmint. This refreshing and fruity tea has added hibiscus and rosehip for additional health properties.Tip: Served chilled this makes a great ice tea in summer.

  • Carmien Super-fruit is a perfect blend of green rooibos and super-foods such as acai berry, moringa and hibiscus flowers, so called because they contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients with known health properties.Tip: With its lovely fruit and strawberry aromas this makes a great ice tea in summer.




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