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AIO - Nat Mur (Aqualibrate)

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The water distributor, Nat Mur moisturizes the cells and tissues. It promotes vitality and eases melancholy. Another must in the first-aid kit, it helps at the onset of colds, allergies, it reduces swelling and eases insect bites, burns and sunburn.

Most of our body is comprised of water, so this is an important salt for almost everyone. Any excessive moisture or dryness (they sometimes both occur together such as dry lips and runny nose) is a signal for this salt. It helps to reduce puffiness in the face and minimizes the depth of the naso-labial fold. With Kali Phos it helps to shift despondency and revitalize body, mind and spirit.

Nat Mur is indicated to assist with: cravings for salty foods, itchiness, excessive thirst, predisposition to insect bites, grief or despondency, tearfulness, swelling, elimination of excess fluid, dry skin, weeping skin, eczema, hay fever, diarrhoea, constipation, cold sores, fatigue and anaemia.

Facial analysis signs

Puffiness under eyes.

Cheeks may appear to be puffy, bloated or spongy.

Obvious nasolabial fold.

Edge of eyelid(s) appears greasy and moist.




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