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AIO - Kali Phos (Mind Power)

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The brain and sensory nerve nutrient, Kali Phos supports the function of the nervous system and the heart. A wonderful nerve tonic and de-stress salt, it promotes wellbeing and vitality, and assists concentration and study.

Kali Phos is primarily found in the brain, sensory nerves, muscles and red blood cells. A deficiency results in a loss of physical, intellectual and psychological power and can lead to despondency or a lack of interest in life. It also has an antiseptic action and prevents decay of the tissues.

Kali Phos is indicated to assist with: exam stress, ADHD, poor concentration or memory, age related memory loss - senior moments, exhaustion, irritability, tantrums, nervousness, melancholy, grief, noise or light sensitivity, sensory nerve disorders, insomnia, halitosis and foul-smelling sweat or secretions.

Facial Analysis Signs

Blue-grey ashen undertone to the area around chin or mouth, temples and eyes.

The entire face can appear this colour.

Sunken temples.




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