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AIO - Kali Mur (Decongest)

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The biochemic blood and mucous membrane conditioner, Kali Mur, is the ear, nose, throat and lung specialist of the salts; it maintains the fibrous tissues, supports the respiratory and lymphatic systems and is a metabolic activator.

Kali Mur is specific in all childhood illnesses and is often required to clear infections. It cleanses the blood and mucous membranes of congestion and assists in all soft swellings of glands, in ear, nose throat and lung conditions. Any mucous congestion, white-coloured phlegm or discharge indicates a Kali Mur requirement.

Kali Mur is indicated to assist with: burns, thrush, candida, soft glandular swellings sinus congestion, ear, nose, throat and lung infections, eye infections and itching, irritated eyelids, allergies, infantile eczema, adolescent pimples, warts and skin tags, travel sickness and nausea.

Facial analysis signs

Milky-blue-pink whitish colour in a half-moon under the eyes and sometimes the upper eyelid.

The entire face can appear this whitish colour.




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