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AIO - Calc Phos (Fortify)

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The restorative, bone and children's salt. Supports cellular nutrition and formation, further to maintaining the musculo-skeletal system. Calc Phos is the most abundant tissue salt in the body. It assists with the digestion and absorption of food and is vitally important for the building of all new cells, sturdy bone and body structures and a robust constitution. Its excellent restorative powers help to speed up convalescence and replenish the body's reserves. It is excellent for growing children and the elderly and is a good supplemental tonic with any treatment.

Calc Phos is indicated to assist with: blood and bone disorders, anaemia, osteoporosis, fractures, growing pains in children, teething, teeth that crumble or crack, anxiety, panic attacks and eczema.

Facial analysis signs


Pale, waxy looking ears and forehead.

The entire face may appear pale and waxy - lime washed tone, anaemic looking.



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