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4AKID - Homeopathic Kiddieboost

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Herbal remedy keeps children’s immune systems healthy & strong. Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist especially for children!

Use KiddieBoost as a natural remedy to:

Naturally strengthen immune functioning in children
Promote your child’s natural resistance to illness
Keep little bodies strong and healthy
Maintain vitality and vigour
Restore health after illness
Break the antibiotic cycle
Reduce risk of infection during the cold and flu season
Healthy Immune Systems = Healthy kids

Children are more susceptible to infection and disease because their immune systems are still in the process of developing. Their body’s resistance to illness such as colds, flu and viruses are often weaker than those of adults. They are constantly fighting against germs that they come into contact with – at home, school and when playing outside. However, if the immune system is healthy, the body heals quicker and is able combat infection and disease. For this reason, it is essential to keep your child’s body and immune system functioning at optimum level.

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