Lil' Sprout isn't just an Online Store, we're a Subscription Service as well.

In our Online Store, we believe in Sourcing only the Best of South Africa's Baby Products & Import Products from US & UK (some if them not available in South Africa) to help make Mom's life easier.

We don't only cater for Baby, but from Mommy's too-be, Mommy's and even Daddy's.

With our Subscription Service, we believe that our Children are the Future & Helping them stay Healthy, Happy and Stimulating their Minds to Cultivate a Rich Environment for Learning and Development.

We have 3 Core Elements we Focus on:

1. Body

2. Health

3. Mind

 We will be Launching the 1st Part of our 5 Part Subscription Series:

Part 1. Bean Sprout (Pregnancy): Here we help with the above-mentioned Elements & give you tips & Tricks about Pregnancy & helping you develop and stimulate your baby in utero.

Over the coming year, we will launch the rest of the Series.

We will have 2 Types of Subscription Boxes:

1. Mini Sprout Box: Where you will receive all of the Information, once a month including a once of Binder.

2. Full Sprout Box: In this Box you will Receive all of the information as well as a Product and a Voucher every month including a once of Binder.

3. Magic Sprout: Here you will receive all of the information in a Binder on our website for a once off global amount.



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